Decentralization, engineering and music.
Hello! My name is Mitya Selivanov, aka Dmitry Babushkin.
I'm a freelance software engineer and audio engineer from Moscow, Russia. Currently located in Bar, Montenegro.
Interested in
Semantic compression (see Casey's post)
Low‑level programming
Performance engineering
Prediction markets (see Scott Alexander's FAQ)
Blockchain & Proof‑of‑Work
Puzzle games
Music synthesis
Meeting new people
I use
C, snake_case, helix, Linux
WebAssembly, OpenGL, Vulkan nginx, wolfSSL, stb, sokol, nanovg, miniaudio
My music aliases
Guattari - electronic music, Angsthotep - black metal. Feel free to use my music in your projects. All music is licensed under a Creative Commons License (Attribution). Contact me if you need additional information.